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7 years and running

vignesh 06.10.2015 07:18

Hi iam vignesh iam 21 years right now iam suffering from chronic aurticaria from past seven years I went to so many hospitals I met so many doctors but no use. In my 9 th standard I went to a doctor and he gave me steroids it was good when I took those and I did use them frequently but when the dose is over again I will get the same problem then I have no clue that what happened to my life I ve started smoking and Drinking since 10th standard and the disease goes on and two years back like when iam 19 I got a serious stomach pain and went to home to see my dad and mom they took me to different hospital but no use I had an endoscopy at last which declares that I have intestinal tuberculosis and severe ulcers in my stomach due to the steroids I used and the course is over and after that I used levocetrizine anti histamine tablets and I thought it worked me I am free of itching and the sensation but I do get hives at that time it is not at all a problem later I used it for 1and half year daily twice or thrice this med made my mind dumb I use to sleep like 15hours a day and not feeling good and then I went to a doctor he told me to stop using levocetrizine and have me avill injections by the very next day I got serious hives on my body and every where of my body is swollen and then my heart beat came down and became very hard to breathe for me I went to emergency had injection and came home back this happened to continue for three days and now at present iam not using English meds I am using homeopaty and some aurvedic remidies and one more thing I left smoking and drinking 2years back due to ulcers and I also smoke up and now iam smoking up too because I can't stop it I am very much fed up with this life I want to be free of diseases iam 21 I got this fucking chronic disease I don't konw what to do iam ready to pay how much U want I want a solution for my problem this is all my life of chronic aurticaria Now the problem is I got used to the disease and now I no longer want live here with all of U and iam very much fed up with my life and I have other serious problems but I can slove them Is the sucide only reason for me and some one plz suggest me what to do Iam from India, Hyderabad my contact number is +919502222781 Some one plz suggest me what to do My emali Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

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