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Delayed Pressure Urticaria

landa 30.09.2015 15:29

Hi, I've had DPU for about 10 yrs.last couple of years it's gotta more severe..Does anyone know the under lining reason DPU first starts? I also get the Angioedema so bad in hands & feet..Also I've been to Rheumatologist, now waiting to see an Immunologist ..Is this the right doctor to be seeing next ?

landa 30.09.2015 15:35

Also wanted to ask, being my immune system is acting my body & in over future will it attack more than just my skin & swelling of my joints? Worried it will attack my organs..

landa 30.09.2015 15:36

Oops attacking my body...sorry lil typo...

landa 30.09.2015 15:44

My Allergist in 2013 said I have Severe Delayed Pressure Urticaria , now will I have this for Life..any hope of it going away ? First hoping for right Doctor to get me on a Good Treatment Plan to help ease my discomfort..

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