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markus_magerl 07.06.2014 16:21

This forum gives room for discussions and interpersonal exchange to plan local activities for the urticariaday. Or just to chat with others. Have a great day, Markus Magerl

marcus_maurer 20.06.2014 14:50

This site is great, lets use it!. We are looking forward to more contributions to urticaria day. Lectures, patient events, press activities, etc... please post your contributions!

guenette 18.07.2014 01:09

I would like to do something to educate drs about CU. Don't know where to start. I want them to see the real face of CU and maybe get some understanding of what we go through.

martine 15.08.2014 03:41

Guenette, I totally agree with you on wanting to educate doctors about this life-robbing illness. I have seen so many doctors & they offer very little empathy & explanation, which brings me even more frusfration. These past 3 years with Urticaria has definitely changed my life in every way! Today, I had a hive free day which made it a great day (Only a fellow CU sufferer can understand that statement)! I wish you the best of luck on your endeavor.

martine 15.08.2014 04:21

I found an awesome article that details some treatments that have worked for the varied types of Urticaria:

markus_magerl 02.09.2014 08:50

Hi Martine, thanks for this article. The data is rather old and some of the treatment options in this article have severe side effects (e.g. danazol, cyclosporine). Times have changed!

valentina 30.09.2014 17:38

urticariaday2014, in Italy promoted by 'FederASMA e Allergie' non-profit organization.

I would like to invite you to share your fingerprint on social networks as a symbol of support for patients with urticaria. Leave your touch, please visit: and share your fingerprint!

landa 30.09.2015 15:39

Markus, I'm so great full for all the videos & posts you have shared..I'm helping make more awareness for Urticaria by sharing info with friends on Facebook & I'm gonna share information with my Doctor too..

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