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Which Diet To Try ?

lee 04.04.2016 17:27

Hi All , new here I went to the links to Prof Zuberbier's works and diet. Very interesting Question , where do I start Low Histamine Diet o rPseudo-Allergen? I noticed things allowed on one are total no nos on the other list . I've had hives for 4 months , nothing has worked so far , had my first Xolair shot 2 weeks ago . I'd like to start somewhere with a diet and see how it goes any suggestions ? Many Thanks LEE THANX L

lana 07.05.2016 18:04

I found help from a Chinese doctor. If you have a chance to visit one, go. Chinese medicine believes that everything must be cured from the inside and you should avoid “boiling” your blood. Chinese doctors in UK and US sell small granule tea bags called “Skin hygiene tea”. This drink is awesome, you drink it three times a day and it cleans your body and gets rid of excess “heat”. I was told to eat body cooling foods like: – Bananas – Pears – Water melons – Cucumber – Radish – Warm soups preferably with meat. – Green tea – Meat and chicken – Rice, potatoes Eat normally, but eat these products more in your diet.

I was told NOT to eat food that heats up the body, which are: – Fish and shellfish – Spicy food or barbecue food – Yougurts and ice cream – Soft cheeses like feta, mozzarella etc. Normal cheese is fine. – Pineapple, grape fruit, oranges, kiwi, and strong berries. Avoid too much Vitamin C products. – Alcohol – Soya and almond milk

DRINK A LOT OF WATER AND WARM GREEN TEA. The idea is to eat and drink things that neutralizes your body and calms down the blood. When the blood is “boiling”, you get itching and redness.

REST and sleep is very important. Don't stay up too late, try to go to bed early and get a good night sleep. Avoid stress in your life and try to stay calm and relaxed. If you have people in your life that affect constant stress in your life, try to stay a bit distant. Look after yourself and concentrate on YOUR well being.

My doctor also told me to make this smoothie three times a day: 1 liter of water 1 boiled egg 1 sallad 1 banana

I know, doesn’t sound so lovely, but because of banana, it tastes good. With this she wanted the bowel to work more frequently so that all the toxins would come out every day. Every time my bowel functions properly, my skin gets better.

I found comfort in reducing too much sugar in my diet and also try to avoid too much wheat and drink my milk lactose-free. My doctor told me “Eat meat, make a lot of meat soup!” And this is true, warm meat soup calms my itching hives become less visible.

My doctor told me to follow this for three months and see what happens. This really works. However, due to my own fault, when my skin gets better I make the mistake of eating stuff I shouldn’t and hives appear again.

Chinese medicine is the oldest medicine. You really are what you eat. I want to cure this thing, not just hide the symptoms.

All the best to all of us! :)

diana 18.06.2016 09:25

Hello. I have urticaria too, 3 years long. Lee, how about healing with Xolair, is it helps you with urticaria? Thank you.

maria_kiku 19.08.2016 23:45

Hello all. Glad to see there is a page like this to help everyone out. What type of medication do you guys take? I only take aerius from my doctor and it barely works. After I shave, I break out intensely and it is unbearable to the point where I scratch myself till I bleed. (on my legs) It's also very hard as it gets itchy ALL over my body and also my scalp. I was wondering if the Chinese medication helped?

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